Meadowbrook Heights HOA

August, 2021

Happy Summer! 

Please be aware that notices were sent out this weekend and could start appearing in your mailboxes as early as today's date! These notices include a copy of our Board approved Budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, as well as the NOTICE OF MEETING! In the event that you do not receive a copy of this notice, this will also serve as notice of the meeting. We do ask that you email to let us know if you did not receive this mailing as it is most likely that we do not have an accurate address on file for you. Per the covenants, it is the responsibility of homeowners to notify the Association of any address changes.

It is of utmost importance that this meeting have a quorum to elect new officers. Two members of our Board announced their resignations at the Executive Board Meeting which was held on July 15, 2021. We are aware that some members are not satisfied with the job that has been done and this is, therefore, an opportunity for those people to step up and show us what they've got! New ideas have always been welcomed but perhaps new blood on the Board will fire up those long needed improvements. 

August 25th - 7:00 p.m. @ Celebration Church at the corner of First Street and Wilson Avenue. Members MUST be current on all dues and Special Assessments in order to vote.

July 5, 2018
Until we get the Annual Meeting Minutes typed up and approved, I wanted to at least provide some narrative to cover the highlights of the Annual Meeting that was held in the greenbelt on June 26, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

We ultimately had 15 households represented which was not enough for a quorum however John Sweeney, Loveland Public Works, Crew Supervisor, attended to provide us with some information regarding the Emerald Ash Borers. Since the meeting was held, it has been discovered that these little pests have turned up in Superior, CO which means that we still need to be vigilant in our move toward a plan for a future invasion. There are still many unanswered questions and we have found conflicting information in the research that we have done to this point so we don't have all the details. Please note that a few of the handouts that Mr. Sweeney provided have been scanned and can be found in the "Documents" section of the website. If you desire more information on the chemicals used, please email and we can send an electronic copy. There are really only two options regarding the impending invasion: remove the trees or treat them. The majority of the trees owned by the HOA are Ash trees and removal would result in either a huge loss of green in our neighborhoods or a huge expense to replace them with something else. Please contact us if you have questions. We don't promise answers but will certainly present them to those who might have the answers and we will get back to you. In the meantime, John Sweeney said that he will be happy to speak to you directly should you have questions. Everyone is learning this as it rolls out but he will help where he can. His number is 970-962-2732.

The other announcements made at the Annual Meeting that are of interest to homeowners and potential buyers are notice of a new Special Assessment approved by the Board at its June 16th meeting. What ultimately came in as a $7,146.15 LOSS for the 2017-2018 fiscal year will ultimately impact the funds left in the Reserve Account after the transfer of funds for Phase II of the Fence Replacement project. Although we came in ON budget for Phase II, the overage on Phase I as well as the other projects that had been deferred and needed addressed resulted in a greater expenditure than we anticipated for this past year. Additionally, the budget approved by the Board shows that in order to balance the budget in 2018-2019, we will need to tap the Reserve Account for another $3,400.00. The good news regarding this re-build is that if homeowner's sell their homes, they will get 1/112 of the Reserve Account total balance back at the settlement table and the buyer's will pay into the Reserve Account for that same amount. Unless the funds are actually used for a project or expenses homeowner's will get their portion of that account back at sale.

That is not true of Annual Dues which it was announced at the annual meeting, will be increasing for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. When the dues increased in 2014 they were increased for the lesser of the two options considered with full awareness that they would need to increase again. At this time, just to cover the estimated Ash Borer treatment, we calculate about $27 per household to cover an every two year injection treatment. We are anticipating anywhere from $25 to $75 increase which will still leave our annual fees lower than any other HOA in the surrounding area. 

Finally, we asked for volunteers to help with a review of the HOA covenants that will be voted on and submitted to the state. This will be a bit time consuming but we are hopeful that the end result will be a document that is up-to-date and easier for homeowners to read and know what is expected of them

May 2018

Doing better with the updates this time around! 

First, thank you to everyone impacted by the recent fence replacement projects!! We apologize to anyone who had adverse situations but appreciate you bringing them to our attention so that they could be addressed and (hopefully) rectified! Overall, the project went very smoothly and we are very happy with the results. We hope you are as well! We have received a number of compliments from people who live outside of the community but have driven by. With the additional leafing out of the Ash trees, they exterior of the development looks updated and well maintained.

A few other notable items that we want to mention:

Community Yard Sale!! We are gearing up to do a multi-community, community-wide yard sale on Friday, June 22nd and Saturday, June 23rd. We are "partnering" with Mariana Glen with the hopes that advertising will bring LOTS of traffic! You won't need to go anywhere or do anything! Signs will be posted to guide shoppers to all of the Meadowbrook Heights streets. We do ask that you let us know if you plan to participate so that we have signs for YOUR street. 
Invoices will be mailed out with the Annual Meeting Notice prior to the end of the month of May and a notice about the Yard Sale and other "news" will be included as well.

1 - We have received a request from the Mariana Glen HOA Board (and would love to iterate it for our own community here as well) that with the weather getting nicer and more folks walking their dogs, we would like to remind you to pick up after your pets - no matter where you might be walking them! Dog waste in the green areas is a mess and with more kids playing in the green space, it would be nice to not worry about the possibility of stepping in dog waste! If your children are walking the pets, please remind them to be responsible pet owners too! 
2- With only a week left in the school year, please keep your eyes open for kids playing and crossing the streets in our neighborhoods!

March 30, 2018
Spring has arrived although Mother Nature continues to throw us the occasional curve-ball (notice the baseball reference as yesterday was Opening Day!) with snow and cold temperatures. Regardless, it is nice to see the green coming back in the grass and small buds creating a green haze on the trees and bushes.

I apologize for not getting an update posted for February and (early) March. The Board has been busy however getting the necessary approvals for the covenant amendment regarding the fence height change from five-feet to six-feet for the fence along Wilson Avenue, and hiring the contractor for Phase II of the common fence replacement project. So, this is the current plan for the project:

The utility locates are to be completed the week of April 9th.

Demolition of the old fence and construction of the new fence is scheduled for April 16th - April 27, however the contractor does not anticipate that the project will take the full two weeks. Clearly, weather will require us to be flexible and the contractor has allowed for the additional time in the event we get one of Colorado's spring snow storms.

We do ask that all homeowners check the easement area on your property side of the fence to be sure that there are no trees, bushes, slag piles, sheds, etc. infringing on the easement space. Anything that needs to be moved should be moved before April 16th. 

We also ask that if you have pets, that you watch for the contractor and for the utility locate personnel so that animals left out do not escape or otherwise interfere with the construction schedule. We are attempting to narrow the demo and construction windows for each section of housing so that the impact is as minimal as possible. 

November 2017

Next week is Thanksgiving!! Where is fall going? If any of our families are going to be traveling we wish you safe travels!

As reported in the last update, the evergreen trees on Wilson Avenue have been removed! We originally thought that they could be cut low enough to the ground to make them inconspicuous however because of multiple trunks and very low growing branches, they could only be cut so close. As a result, we have asked the contractor to grind them to the soil line which will cost a bit more but will again improve the appearance. We have received compliments from folks outside of development as well as a few of our own community members. As expected there are a few folks that were upset about the removal of these trees and we recognize that it does impact some of our homeowners. As such, and as we approach the second phase of our Fence Replacement Project, we have reached out to the 19 homeowners whose lots back to South Wilson Avenue to ask for their feedback regarding the height of the replacement fence. This request is, thus far, resulting in a resounding desire to install a six foot fence. We will be checking with the attorney regarding the change to the covenants to allow a height other than five feet. We will keep you posted on the final result of the request for feedback as well as any necessary voting that may have to occur to make the change should that be the majority desire.

The Kathryn Drive entry into the development will receive its final beautification in the spring as we do not want to risk our perennials not being established enough to winter over.

Finally, our collections have been going well with the letters from the attorney generating the receipt of several of the past due accounts. Turning accounts over is never the desired outcome as the Board Members are also homeowners here who don't like taking legal action when we are more than willing to work with homeowners to resolve these situations. Please know that letters sent by us resulted in no contact and no arrangements made or we had folks not follow through on what they agreed to do. If you find yourself in a bad place, please talk to us before your account gets overdue!
As we are in the season of thanks giving, we would like to thank all of our homeowners for always doing what is in the best interest of keeping our community a sought after place to live!! Blessing to you all!

Please let us know if you have questions...our contact information is under the "Contact" tab!