Meadowbrook Heights HOA


Some changes are being made to provide better service and interaction with the Meadowbrook Heights community.  First, we are returning to our original schedule for the annual meeting to happen the second Tuesday in May (May 14, 2024).  This date should work better to ensure the maximum numbers of owners are available for this meeting (prior to school getting out).  We have also decided to not serve a meal, but ask homeowners to possibly bring a dessert to share, to shorten the overall meeting duration.

The board is currently planning the owner requested HOA area yard sale for mid-June (tentative dates June 22/23).  We will work with all interested parties to provide a higher level of communication (and hopefully, turnout) so that this event has the best-possible attendance.

The new Meadowbrook Heights HOA Board is currently engaged in updating our HOA By-Laws (to bring the HOA into full compliance with current State of Colorado HOA guidance).  We have started taking a look at updating our Covenants to address similar guidance criteria, but changes to this document will require review and approval by a quorum of the HOA homeowners.  We may not be ready for this type of event by the annual meeting.

In an attempt to keep every home owner fully aware of what activities the board is working on, we are attempting to gather all of the home owner's preferred email addresses so that our monthly meeting agendas and minutes can be sent to each home owner once reviewed and approved (a "push" communication) versus hoping that our owners log into this website to see what is going on (a "pull" communication).  If an owner is not interested in reading the information, they can quickly delete the email.  If interested, please send an email to to be added to the communication list.

Finally, in adapting to potentially drier summers in Loveland, we are assessing modification of the south facing slope along First Street (where it is difficult to maintain a grass type lawn).  We are reaching out to Colorado State Extension Service to potentially help us develop a plan to replace the planting in this area with native grasses and other plantings that require a lot less irrigation to thrive.  We hope to be able to offset some of the one time cost with a state grant, as well as lower our maintenance costs by not regularly watering and mowing this fairly large section.


Meadowbrook Heights HOA board is excited for summer! Its wonderful to see the green greenbelt and to have homeowners enjoying the space more now that the snow has melted.  We look forward to seeing you all at the annual meeting in August.  Information for the annual meeting will be coming this next week with the annual dues letter.  There is a $50 increase in the dues this year as the costs continue to increase for postage, water, and other services.  We are also working to save up for some future projects that the board will share with you at the meeting.  We are asking homeowners to provide an email address for future communications and to curb the cost of sending mailers. 

We hope that everyone has fun and relaxing plans for the warmer weather. Last annual meeting the board heard that neighbors would like to have a community garage sale.  The board will place a sign and balloons at the entrance to the neighborhood as well as online notifications.